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A buoy barrier in the Rio Grande and razor wire protect the U.S. border in Eagle Pass onJanuary 8, 2024. (Credit: Jay Janner/American-Statesman/File)

Re: May 12 commentary, 'No, evangelical Christians do not believe immigrants are ‘garbage' and June 9 commentary, 'The conservative case for clean energy and climate security action'

Occasionally one will run across conservative/Republican religious faithful who don't characterize immigrants as “undesirables,” drug dealers, criminals, murderers and rapists and/or who don't believe in trashing our God-given planet.

Praise to them, but their numbers are so few as to be virtually meaningless. And undoubtably, most of their fellow conservatives would label them as RINOs, and if they were politicians of note, the Republican Party of Texas would likely censure them.

Nevertheless, and sadly, come November 5, one wonders how many socially- and climate-conscious conservatives will dutifully cast votes for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Stephen Shackelford, Austin

Trump invoking his Putin ties recalls

his bravado on the U.S.-Mexico wall

Regarding the item "Ex-official: Trump "killed" hostage talks" in the June 9 publication, in his standard bravado speech, Trump states that "Biden likes to pay massive numbers. We will be paying nothing."  This is in response to the hostage talks with Russia regarding prisoner Evan Gershkovich which Trump appears to have undermined during his last run for office.

Would this projection of his alliance with Putin be anything like the border wall between Mexico and Texas, where Trump promised Mexico would pay for the construction?

I think we can all see through this.

Jeri Porter, Fischer

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